Cobra Effect

    ~ Supply: 1,000
    ~ Mint Price:
    ~ Max Mint Per Wallet: 1

    Cobra Effect

    The biggest conspiracy in the world affecting us is happening

    Cobra Effect

    is a digital collection of 1,000 unique Cobras, living on the Ethereum BlockchainThe Cobra Effect, also known as Perverse Incentive, refers to unintended negative results when rewards or incentives are provided to solve a problem, usually because the incentives unintentionally reward the person who worsens the situation


    Stage 1: Cobra Infestation
    ~ Launch Cobra Effect Free Mint to let the Cobras slither around
    ~ Keep Spreading Cobras into the Real World to Strengthen our Community
    Stage 2: Cobra Bounty
    ~ Launch of a series of Storybooks for the Cobra Effect
    ~ Collaborations with other project
    Stage 3: Farming Cobra
    ~ Launch of a series of Short Films for the Cobra Effect
    ~ Farming Second Generation Cobras to Strengthen the Cobra Community
    Stage 4: Cobra Disaster
    ~ Releasing all the Second Generation Cobras to Strengthen the Infestation
    ~ Host Community Anniversary Event of the Cobra Effect


    from Cobra Effect come from 100 Habitats in the AI world, including Atlantis, Bat Cave, Dark Cavern, Underground and more will be revealed on...All Cobras are generated by the Artificial Intelligence based on self-provided daft and text

    Original Story

    of the cobra effect is that many years ago, India was colonized by the British, and Delhi was infested with cobras. Therefore, the British offered a bounty for every dead cobra body in order to reduce the number of cobras. At first the number of cobras was decreasing. However, as the number of cobras became less and less, people could not make money from it, so they tried to farm cobras to make money.The British government finally noticed about the cobra farming industry and dropped the bounty. Since the farmers had no more money to make, they released all the cobras they raised, which caused the cobra population to explode and made the infestation worse.

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